White’s work is concerned with balance. She spends her time attempting to learn of balance and then presents her findings.

Drawn to the often overlooked compositions which occur in everyday life; sunlight streaming through an open window and hitting the adjacent wall, blue skies reflected in a still roadside puddle; her work is formed by these subtle, moving interplays between the cosmic, eternal, elements and the man made, the human.

There is incredible power in the seeming mundanity which surrounds us everyday, the sun will always rise and fall, the tide will always come in and leave again. I feel we have lost touch with our place in this cycle, my work is a tentative play and discovery of our balance within it all.’

Drawing from archetypal tropes found in ancient stories, myth and legend revolving around the natural forces and our relationship with them, ideas of making offerings to the gods in exchange for a good harvest, a smooth passage across the sea. White explores these mythical ideas using materials; light, water, metal, wood and their connection and communication with one another. Presenting her own offerings in the form of balance, via material, composition and meditation.



First class BA(Hons)
Drawing and Applied Arts


Selected Exhibitions and Publications

2022 Artist in residence at Nectar Conectar, Les Guilleries, Spain

2021 'MAKE' Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK

2021 Feature on Who's Flying the Plane podcast: In the Studio episode

2020 Solo show, PADA Studios. Barreiro, Portugal

2020 'There is always room for Dessert', The Paint Factory. Barreiro, Portugal

2020 'Salad Days', PADA Studios. Barreiro, Portugal

2020 Artist in residence at PADA Studios. Barreiro, Portugal

2019 Feature on Who’s Flying the Plane Podcast

2019 Trading at The Frome Independent
2019 Native Makers, Plymouth

2019 Feature in We Are Zanna magazine

2018 Loft 6D open studios. Bristol

2018 Xuuki, paintings displayed during event. Bristol

2017 Frisky, paintings displayed during event. Bristol

2017 Loft 6D open studios. Bristol

2017 Feature at Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival




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